City Sectors

Artistic District,
Docks & Warehouse District,
Downtown Shopping District,
Government District,
Old Money District,

Magdalena (Red Light District)

Named after the 15 foot statue that dominates the district's central plaza.  The missionary who had the statue built intended it to be the Virgin Mary, but everyone who works in the district knows it as La Magdalena (after Mary Magdalene, who in some Christian traditions is described as a former prostitute or adulteress), and the district is commonly known as Magdalena. The statue is 15 feet tall and sits in the centre of the main square, surrounded by bars, clubs and ahem other establishments. The priest of that parish, Fr Ignacio, has been at the head of an unlikely coalition between pious parishioners and ahem local entertainment workers in opposing attempts to have the statue moved.

University District,
Urban Decay District

Major Attractions

Locura Bridge (Puente de la Locura)

Built across the mouth of the Old Docks cutting it off from the open waters of the bay.  Built in the mid 19th century by the then Spanish governor .

The original was an early attempt at a raisable bridge back I'm the age of sail but that collapsed and all that is left is a few stone stubs that stick out of the water at low tide, which today are popular meeting/drop off points for smugglers at the night low tide. 

The current bridge; rebuilt by a later British governor is a find example of turn of the century cast iron. Solid, Decorative and hailed as their response to the Eiffel tower.  But it is solid and could only be built after tall ships began to fade from the everyday visitors to the harbour.  As it is it has prevented most modern ships from using the Old Docks, sending the region into economic decline.  it is now mainly used for small pleasure craft and fishing boats.

Solid. Strong. Powerful. Luxurious. Glorious. Iconic. The jewel of the people!  Utterly.useless. A huge nesting sight for seabirds. I'm thinking that big bridge in Newcastle.  Big. Stinky. Glorious

Museum (Modern Art),
Restaurant Row,
Theater District


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